Who we are

Who We Are!
We as a group of fellow past students got together to initiate an unprecedented movement to foster a competitive academic environment and financially sponsor talented students to achieve greater heights. Thus, the JCC Edu Care Trust (ECT) was born. ECT was officially inaugurated on the 18th March 2016 by Hon. Minister Mr Akila Viraj Kariyawasam (MP). The success of any structure in this world lies in the foundation. Thus, no one can argue the important role the school plays in the life of any student who wants to prosper in our society. 

The building blocks the school lays in the life of students transcends far beyond one can imagine, whether it would be his/her career, behaviour, contribution to society etc. Thus, everyone in society is a direct stakeholder of what the school produces. Therefore, we all as a society have a role in fostering a positive and healthy academic environment in our school that would be compliant with the professional and social demands of the modern day. 

As proud old boys of Jaffna Central College, we feel honoured to participate in this movement and we hope it would be the same for all other old boys of our school. As a donor for the JCC Edu Care Trust, you will become a valuable stakeholder in enlightening the future of a student. It would not only fulfil your moral responsibility but also would give you a sense of pride and satisfaction that can never be measured in financial terms. Hence, we invite all our brothers to participate in this historic movement. 

Our promise to donors

We are honoured and humbled that you understood ECT’s vision and path towards making JCC's academic performance reaches high level and supporting us with your hard-earned money. We promise every one of you who have donated to this noble cause that all donations are safely deposited in Sri Lanka, and we are only utilising the interest we received to date. We are currently funding individual scholarships for 400 students and over 1000’s students are benefiting from our other projects such as English classes, past paper classes, seminars, S projects, 9A challenge etc

We are here to deliver the long-lasting success and our vision and path remain the same, but we need to support our school and be patience with them to achieve our goals.

“Learning give creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great” - Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam